Reduce, reuse, recycle is a recognizable mantra for today's consumer. It is always possible to reduce. Often times it is possible to reuse. Not everything, however can be recycled.

Please take the time to note the following facts about the recycling program here in Darien:

Plastic bags are not recyclable. See the town website for a complete list of what is recyclable;

Single stream recycling is a program available through your private carting company, which allows for the commingling of recyclables. This encourages recycling at home by reducing the sorting and storing process;

Non-recyclables are processed at the Trash-to-Energy facility in Bridgeport where waste is burned, and converted to heat, steam and then electricity. Great news.

Unfortunately waste doesn't always make it into a receptacle. We see evidence of this at our beaches and by the side of the road. Plastic bottles, caps and take-out containers; aluminum cans, glass bottles, cardboard and papers; plastic bags. Although I make a great effort to avoid packaging, I can't imagine we're on our way to eliminating those items that have become pervasive in our society today. At best, we can remember to reduce, reuse, recycle. By taking needless, non-recyclable single use plastic bags offered at retail check out counters out of the mix, we are taking a step in the right direction.

I don't believe that an argument is needed to explain why we should work to reduce the amount of waste on our land and in our waterways. However, there seems to be a divide in Darien on the issue of a plastic bag ordinance. I am proud to be a registered Republican and I am in favor of an ordinance. It is a necessary measure to remove 80 percent of the plastic bags currently issued in Darien, almost entirely by the large chain stores. I ask that you please remember that this is a non-partisan issue. We all share the same environment.

Noelle Henderson

RTM District 1

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