Yes, it's that time of year again -- time to preorder beautiful bunches of daffodils. Darien Public Schools have sold daffodils for the American Cancer Society for the past 22 years. Since 1991 our schools have raised $514,000 for cancer research. We are the No. 1 school system in the country for selling daffodils -- a fact of which we all can be very proud.

Since 1946, the American Cancer Society has invested more than $3.5 billion in scientific research to help understand cancer's causes, determine how best to prevent it and find new cures. Nearly $10 million in American Cancer Society funds are currently invested in cancer research taking place at Connecticut institutions. Lives have been saved and treatments are less painful because of the research that has been done. For every dollar raised by the American Cancer Society, 79 cents is used to fund research and provide services to cancer patients.

The daffodils come in bunches of 10 flowers. Each bunch costs $10. All elementary and middle school students received a preorder form to take home to their parents on Jan. 30. If you would like to order some daffodils, simply fill out this form and attach your check to the American Cancer Society to it. Then have your son or daughter return it to their school by Thursday, March 1. The daffodils are expected to arrive on Monday, March 19. At that time they will be distributed to students.

If you do not have children enrolled in school, flowers will also be sold Saturday, March 23, at Ring's End, Darien Sports Shop, Sugar Bowl and Darien Doughnut.

So once again I ask the Darien community to please support the Daffodil Drive by purchasing beautiful bunches of golden daffodils. As I said to a group of Middlesex students recently, "The money you spend on daffodils could be the best investment of your life."

Nancy McKean Clifford

Retired Middlesex

Computer Teacher

Daffodil Drive Organizer

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