Town should end spring trash pick-up

To the Editor:

It seems sad and more than a bit ironic, in this peak season of natural beauty in Darien, that homeowners are encouraged to place unsightly mountains of trash at their street fronts. If history is a guide, over the next few weeks, Darien will transform itself into a town-wide dump as these items are scavenged, spread out and destroyed by rain before the DPW completes its annual trash pick-up.

Although the Darien Beautification Commission and The Darien Environmental Group have for years urged an end to this program, abandoning the practice now has wide-spread support from many members of the The Green Team, which represents virtually every environmental organization in Darien.

We all feel that the program has morphed from its original well-intentioned concept of aiding seniors unable to get things to the dump, into a town-wide eyesore. This practice wastes valuable DPW time and expense, especially considering all the un-budgeted costs associated with storm clean-up still underway. Perhaps most important of all, this is a poor environmental practice because items which could be re-cycled or re-used end up a municipal solid waste.

Please consider the following ways available to re-cycle or re-use your unwanted items:

Spring Boy Scout Tag Sale (they do have pick-up service); DCA Thrift Shop; Person-to-Person; Our new Swap Shop at the town dump; Goodwill Industries (they have pick-up).

So this year, be a good neighbor. Don't put your trash out on the street for all your neighbors to endure for several weeks. Save the town unnecessary expense -- which means saving your tax dollars. Please consider giving your unwanted items a new opportunity to serve someone else by recycling them.

We look forward to working with the Board of Selectmen and other town organizations to develop a more environmentally friendly, cost-effective solution to this problem in the future.

The Darien Beautification Commission, The Darien Environmental Group and many Darien Green Team Members

Cub Scouts thank Palmer's


To the Editor:

On behalf of Darien's Cub Scouts Pack 55, we want to thank Palmer's Market for letting us collect food outside their store on Saturday, April 10. Thanks to their generosity and the incredible kindness of their customers, our food drive for Person-to-Person was extremely successful. The boys collected approximately 150 bags of the non-perishable grocery items most needed by Person-to-Person's food pantry clients.

The scouts learned a valuable lesson about helping those less fortunate, and saw firsthand the wonderful spirit of our neighbors who were eager to assist the boys in their efforts. When these youngsters approached shoppers by saying "Would you like to help us in our food drive?" almost every shopper joined their cause.

What a great example for these young residents. Thank you so much.

Cynthia Gorey

Tag sale helps those in need

To the Editor:

Children's Aid Inc. of Darien will be holding its 67th annual tag sale on Sunday, April 25, from 9:30 to 4 at Middlesex Middle School. Proceeds from the sale will go towards supporting the Family & Children's Agency in Norwalk. For more information see FCA's Web site at

We need your donations of gently used items to help raise money for this community-wide cause. We can accept indoor and outdoor furniture, lamps, artwork, decorative housewares, linens, antiques, kitchen items, garden and outdoor goods, holiday décor, women's accessories, formalwear (men and women), adult outerwear, and children's clothing only (ages 5 to 15). Due to federal consumer protection regulations, we cannot accept children's toys or children's clothing below age 5.

Drop-off your tax deductible donations at Middlesex Middle School on Friday, April 23rd from 3 to 8 and Saturday, April 24th from 9 to 3. For more information call 203-899-1923. Children's Aid, Inc. of Darien thanks you for your help.

Children's Aid, Inc. of Darien Tag Sale Committee

Catherine Bonnette, Deborah Connelly,

Carol Crikelair and Joanne Thomas