Weight management is often a battle of wills: you versus the excuses.

Many times, the excuses invoke your schedule: I didn't have time to get to the gym. I didn't have time to make a healthy dinner or pack a lunch. Woke up late, so no time for breakfast. And so on. These types of excuses really resonate with me because I know they're complete nonsense. (It's not for nothing that my company's tagline is Making Busy People Healthier.)

Saying you're too busy to lose weight is simply hiding behind an excuse. I have clients who are busy in any number of ways. Some are parents juggling their kids' schedules in addition to their own. Many own businesses, run large international companies, serve on multiple boards and in organizations -- all pulled in a thousand directions. Some have more than one job, including one client who works about 18 hours a day at two full-time jobs. These people are making it work, and so can you. Here's how:

Plan two days ahead: I used to recommend looking at your upcoming week and planning out your meals for seven days. I'm finding that looking ahead two days is more realistic. Schedules tend to morph the further out you go, so just look at the next couple of days. When do you have time to grocery shop? To prepare some food ahead? Are there time wasters you can replace?

Pay for convenience: One of my favorite meal tricks is adding sauteed vegetables to packaged lentil soup. It's yummy and healthful, and doesn't take much time to make. Eat even sooner by adding frozen vegetables to packaged broth and simmering until hot through. Toss in some drained and rinsed canned beans and you have a complete meal for now and some for later.

Double up: Whenever you cook, ask yourself if you can make extra for another meal. Chances are you can, saving you time down the road.

Make soup or fire up the grill: These are some of the easiest ways to make a whole lot of food at one time. Soups tend to freeze beautifully. You can grill vegetables, chicken, fish, etc., probably enough for two meals at one time.

Be ready: Keep convenient snacks in your car, your purse, briefcase, gym bag, desk, etc. Try Larabars, Kashi Go Lean cereal, apples, bananas, squeeze packs of nut butter (I love Justin's Nut Butters). Don't forget the bottled water.

Ask yourself: What do I have more time for? Eating right, exercising and watching my weight now, or shuttling myself from doctor's appointment to doctor's appointment a few years down the road? The answer is clear.

Lisa Corrado can be reached at Lisa@LisaCorradoNutrition.com or visit www.LisaCorradoNutrition.com.

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