STAMFORD — Titan hung up his bulletproof harness this week.

The Stamford Police Department retired the 10-year-old German Shepherd after six and a half years on the job.

Titan, who has a custom-fit bulletproof harness, was an expert tracker for the department with his handler, Officer Mark Tymon.

“Titan was an incredible tracking dog for a German Shepherd,” K-9 Unit Sgt. Seth O’Brien said. “People often think the Bloodhound is the best tracking dog, but Titan could track as well as any dog I have had an opportunity to be around.”

O’Brien said police dogs often retire between 8 and 10 years old. O’Brien retired his own dog, Cooper, in November after he turned 10.

“At this point, we have come up with the demarcation line at 10. It would not be fair to subject him to a call that he might not be able to recover from, like jumping a tall fence or getting into a fight with a bad guy,” O’Brien said. “If a dog is going to be that fortunate to make it to 10, that will be it.”

The department now has eight working K-9s, including a Bloodhound, Labradors and German Shepherds. The department recenly added a young German Malinois named Axe, who is being handled by Officer Willie Guilford, to replace Titan.

O’Brien said Titan has helped police track a bank robber in Greenwich, find a car thief in Darien and recently located a suicidal woman who wandered away.

Tymon, who has 20 years with the department, has taken Titan home with him to finish his life as a pet.

“I think he is ready,” O’Brien said.;