Sitting silently in the stillness of the early morning, questions flooded a woman named Katie’s mind. She was confused, fearful and overwhelmed. At a crossroad from life’s twists and turns, she contemplated, “This doesn’t make sense. I had my life all planned out … and then this happened.”

Drifting into despair and doubting that circumstances would ever get better, Katie continually pondered, “I just don’t see a way out. I’ve reached my limit. It’s too late. Maybe I should just give up now.” For, sometimes, life can take a strange twist. You could feel stuck, lost or it might look as though you are moving away from fulfilling the dreams of your heart.

Hurting and searching for an answer, Katie had the strong feeling she should go to seek advice from a wise old lady in town with whom she was acquainted. Now in her 90s, Katie had known the lady for years and respected her opinion.

The two made plans for an early afternoon tea. As Katie strolled up the wise lady’s cobblestone walkway, her country home and perfectly manicured landscape reminded her of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Waiting at the door, the wise lady welcomed Katie with a warm embrace. Then, the lady said kindly, “Come inside dear. Sit down, and tell me what has been troubling you.”

Katie settled comfortably in a soft lounge chair in the living room. She took a deep breath and proceeded to explain the on-going dilemma. “I have so many regrets,” Katie uttered, nearing tears. “I just don’t know God’s will for me anymore, for something is hindering my progress.”

The lady listened with an understanding, sympathetic ear. Next, without saying a word, she stood up and disappeared into the next room. A minute later, the lady returned holding something in her hand.

“Katie, my dear,” she tenderly said, “I know what is holding you back.” With a look of surprise, Katie inquired, “You do?” “Yes,” the woman declared knowingly. After that, she handed Katie a shiny silver compact.

“What’s this?” asked Katie as she reached out her hand to clutch it. Katie held the pocket-sized compact in her hand for a moment, a bit confused.

“Open it,” the lady urged. With a puzzled look on Katie’s face, she did as requested and gingerly opened the compact. All Katie saw was her reflection in the mirror.

“Look closer,” the lady encouraged. Neither women said a word. There was complete silence. But Katie’s heart and soul were touched with pure understanding. In the round mirrored compact, she saw the reflection of herself.

Lovingly, the wise lady stated, “There’s just one person who is holding you back from being what God created you to be … and that is you!”

Katie was stunned to silence. And, the lady continued, “Your situation will change when your attitude changes. So don’t think you can’t … because, dear, you can still live a happy, full and productive life. All things are possible when you have faith in God, persist for the good of others and believe in yourself.”

As the end of their visit approached, the lady spoke again, “You have a fantastic future ahead of you. You have everything on this earth for which to look forward. So move toward the destiny that God has planned for you.”

Katie was helped many times since then by the memory of the wise lady’s encouragement. As she released her burdens to God, asked Him for strength, and trusted Him completely, the transformation process began. And, soon, as Katie kept pressing onward toward her goals, those stumbling blocks that she had faced, phenomenally, turned into stepping-stones taking her further than she could have imagined.

Like Katie, you have too much within you to stay where you are now. I think about the sweet, soft baby eaglets. The mother eagle cares for and nurtures her beloved offspring. But when time comes for the eaglets to grow up and fly on their own; the eaglets are pushed out of their nests. As the baby eaglets try to hold on to their mother, not wanting to alter their comfortable environment, instinctively, the mother gently shakes her babies loose, thus, forcing them to fly. If the eaglets stay in their small nests, they would never reach their full potential and become what they were created to be. Hence, the eaglets stretch their wings in response to the direction of the wind and soar onto adulthood as the mighty eagles that God intended.

It is time for you to move to the next level and soar. God’s plans for you are for good. Therefore, do not let fears, regrets, present challenges or past setbacks hold you back. Be bold. Be fearless. Don’t settle for “good enough.” Keep persisting forward with faith in God and a positive attitude. And God will take you further than you can imagine.

The Bible says that what you think about and dwell on you can become. “Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts” (Proverbs 4:23). And so, when you look at your refection in the mirror, see yourself and think of yourself in the right way. On a daily basis, affirm, “I am loved,” “I’m healthy,” “I am strong and capable,” “I am talented,” “My future is full of possibilities,” “I am kind,” “I’m accepted,” “I am forgiven,” and “With God, I am victorious.”

God’s best for you is yet to be. Don’t stop now. There is something great just up in front of you. There’s another dream for you to fulfill. There are wonderful people for you to meet. And new opportunities for you explore. Your goals are within reach. For everything is going to work to your advantage.

From this day forward God will bless you. God’s mighty Hand is at work, and He is going to bring you to a new place of joy, peace and blessings. So, trust God and move toward the destiny that God has planned for you.

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