DARIEN — Whether it’s on ice or on the turf, if Georgia Cassidy has a stick in her hands she is lethal.

The senior, who led her Darien field hockey team to an FCIAC title, was named Hearst Connecticut Media’s field hockey MVP for the 2015 season.

Cassidy’s mark was undoubtedly made during the FCIAC playoffs, first in the semifinals against New Canaan and eventually, the finals win over Wilton.

Both games were decided by one goal, and both times it was Cassidy who scored it. The goals were eerily similar, both in the second half and both with Cassidy all alone in the shooting circle just feet from the goalie. The first time she rattled in a forehand shot and in the title game she bashed in a backhander for the win.

“She is a game-player,” Darien coach Mo Minicus said of Cassidy’s affinity for the big moment. “She’s ready for the big game and if the game’s on the line she wants the ball. She’s a competitor and she’s focused and she’ll do her best and do what it takes.”

Minicus, possibly Cassidy’s biggest fan, said it’s her intangibles that make her such a natural on the field.

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The Cassidy File

Who: Georgia Cassidy

School: Darien

Class: Senior

Resume: 2015 All-FCIAC field hockey, 2014 All-FCIAC field hockey, 2014-15 All-FCIAC ice hockey, 2015 FCIAC field hockey champion, 2014-15 FCIAC ice hockey champion.

“Georgia is a very gifted athlete,” Minicus said. “She has unbelievable hand-eye coordination which helps in learning new skills and receiving balls and tipping shots and has an unbelievable ability to see the field. She sees openings even under pressure and can deliver at the right time with a real smart sense of the game.”

To talk to Cassidy you would never expect her to be the multi-sport star she is. Cassidy is soft spoken and rarely, if ever, comments on her own ability — it’s her play, not her voice, that makes her a leader.

“People look up to her and respect her, she has a voice but she’s not a big rah-rah type of player,” Minicus said. “She just comes to work and she works hard in every drill, every practice and leads by example.”

Knowing she has coached her last game with Cassidy on the team Minicus paused and struggled to find the right words to use to commend such an incredible person, both on and off the field.

“Coaching her has been so much fun because she’s a competitor and has incredible skills and a sense of the game that’s really been unparalleled,”Minicus said. “I’ve had some beautiful players during the years but she’s always trying to make herself better, she never settles. She’s one who goes to the field on the weekends and she comes ready to work every day but she also has a sense of humor and is always having a blast in between drills.”

While her time on the Darien turf has ended Cassidy still has time to impress for the blue and white on the ice this winter as one of the premier hockey players in the state — something she will undoubtedly do with the same quiet confidence she has throughout her athletic career.

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